The Heart of AE

Welcome to Gold Coasts Automotive Excellence.

The Gold Coast’s source of excellence for everything automotive. Bringing the best of the best to your fingertips in an entertaining, useful and resourceful Car Magazine.

Established by Supertint, a family owned business established 1976 located at 2158 Gold Coast Highway with a love for everything automotive. Over 39 years, we have linked hands with the best of the best on the Gold Coast and now we aim to bring all of the cities local excellence to the people within the automotive scene and those who share a love for cars like we do. We aim to supply the best, most useful and most entertaining local automotive content and resources to the Gold Coast. Inside AE magazine are a range of goods, products and services that we have hand-picked because we genuinely believe they provide the best. Sourcing the best of the best from all over the Gold Coast to help support the rapidly growing car scene in the city and surrounding areas.

We have taken the time to bring together a carefully selected range of coast-wide goods and services to ensure you are giving your pride and joy the loving it deserves by genuine people, so we encourage you to take advantage of the ads and exclusive offers within AE magazine so that our advertisers continue with their ongoing support. Take a look inside for entertaining content, useful information, not-so-useful but funny information, hand-picked advertisers and exclusive AE offers. Automotive Excellence is built by car lovers for car lovers.

Without your love and passion for the Gold Coast’s automotive scene, this establishment would not be made possible, so we thank you and we hope you enjoy and benefit from the excellence presented by Automotive Excellence.

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