Cleaning Your Car The Right Way


Expert knowledge brought to you by Zachary Knight, the man behind The Car Spa.Cleaning Your Car The Right Way

Swirls and scratches; an easy way to make a great car look average. Most people don’t know the proper way to wash and, equally important, dry their car. Here’s a few pro pointers that will improve the maintenance process and avoid paint damage to your beloved ride. To get the best results cleaning your car, you want it to be as clean as possible before you physically touch the paintwork. The less dirt and contaminants you’re moving around on the paint, the less likely swirls and scratches are to occur. A good way to start your wash process is to snow-foam your car, or at least thoroughly pressure clean it. Basically, you want to get as much as you can off the paintwork before you start your hand wash.


Now it’s time to wash. First things first, throw that old hard sponge away. Ideally you want to use a lambswool or microfibre wash mitt. The softer the better. The two bucket method. Very important. Wash, rinse, repeat. Always repeat. Your soft fluffy wash mitt is useless if it’s dirty. So to keep it clean while washing you car, you want two separate buckets. One with your car cleanser and another with clean rinse water, makes sense. Firstly, take your mitt from the soapy bucket. Wash a panel or section. Go to the rinse bucket, thoroughly rinsing the mitt before going back to the soap. Grit guards are ideal to have in both buckets or at least your rinse bucket so when you rinse your mitt, you aren’t picking up any grit in the bottom of the bucket, keeping the mitt clean. Now the car’s clean, rinse all the suds off; time to dry.


Your drying process needs to be gentle on the paint and treated with care. If you have an old dirty chamois that’s never been washed, chances are it’s scratching your car every time you dry it. Big soft microfibre drying towels and chamois are the softest way to hand dry your car. Yes, it may take longer to wash your car the correct way but will save you a lot of time and money in the future getting your paint corrected. Your car will thank you for it and return the favour every time you see it shine.

Take a look at the expert himself in action below, he did a killer job on my Audi correcting the paint work and giving it a bit of well needed loving.

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