Confessions Of A Car Lover

Confessions of a Car Lover, because we all have guilty little confessions to make when it comes to the bond we share with our prized possessions. I’ve gone out on a limb and just predicted I am not the only one insane enough to be so attached to a car. Let’s begin, shall we?


So you’re on the way home, but instead of going straight home you take a detour just to patrol the local area – because why not, right? If you love your car as much as we do, you are most probably very familiar with such habits. Finally you get home and everyone is just looking at you like

Confessions of a Car Lover 


You’re paranoid about people hitting your car so when you visit shopping centres you park as far as physically possible away from civilisation and your passengers whine about the walk.  


It’s back in the workshop again, or you’re underneath it doing the work yourself, and all you can think is how much you hate your car, while you swear at it and throw little tantrums. You tell everyone how horrible it is, you say you’re getting rid of it, until you drive it again and you forget why you would ever hate something so beautiful and majestic. 


When you spend hours, sometimes days, doing the littlest things to your ride and it’s such a big deal to you that you show everyone with so much passion and excitement just for them to turn around and pretend like they know what you are showing them.

Confessions of a Car Lover  


It’s just a car, maybe to some people. To us as motoring enthusiasts, it’s a burning passion, it’s an indescribable love, a unique connection and a uniting bond. We happen to thoroughly enjoy hours in the driveway washing away grime and dirt or being twisted up in the engine bay trying to find the source of that incredibly irritating ticking noise it keeps making when you drive but stops when you’re looking for it. We like talking to other like-minded people who share the same passion we do. Your car may very well be “just a car” to you, but to us it’s a way of life and only true motoring enthusiasts feel that raw emotional connection between human and machine.

Confessions of a Car Lover Part II is in the making so if you have any guilty little confessions to contribute, submit them to and if you so wish, we’ll credit you for it in the magazine and online, can you feel the fame already?

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