The Gold Coast Car Scene

We have taken the time to question some local enthusiasts involved in the Gold Coast car scene, including well-known photographer Aubrey Hawthorne (Separately featured) and they all had some honest, genuine and personal feedback first-hand as to what their experience in the car scene has been like and why they have such a thriving passion for everything automotive. We have kept their responses as raw and un-edited as possible to capture the personality of each enthusiast and see the different perspectives.

What made you step foot into the car scene?

Dylan Sean, Varsity Lakes, VW Golf MK7

It has been a generational upbringing for me and an automotive love has always been in the family.

I am not sure why I love cars so much really, just has always been a passion to me.
I am pretty sure if you broke my skin I would bleed oil, cars are more than just a machine to me, they’re a part of my upbringing and who I am as a person. On a side note, Dylan’s one of my closest mates personally and also has a VW Golf MK1 (As pictured below in garage with his MK7 Golf)

I went and got some snaps of the MK1, full feature will be posted on the site soon but here’s a sneak peak of the shoot.

Mitch Kvapil, Upper Coomera, Nissan Silvia S15

A big part of my motivation to loving the car scene is due to my dad being a mechanic, it always interested me how cars work, and I think they are much more than just a point A to point B thing.

To me, cars are a hobby and they provide an awesome lifestyle that I share with my mates.
Can not get over how clean Mitch’s 15 is, since he bought it, it’s come along very nicely. Good shtuff. – Josh

I particularly love imports, they are my weakness! Just the look, the feel and the scene behind them, I have met a lot of cool people with awesome imports!

Patrick Michniewski, Helensvale, Infinity G37

Through family really, my dad always worked on his 300zx which had over 680whp and ever since then I loved to build cars and race them. The thing I love most about the car scene is that there are people similar to me out there.

Whether it’s track races, drags or mountain runs, I love the adrenaline rush, it makes me forget about the world around me.

Brad Kemp, Robina, Audi TT

What got me into cars would have to be growing up and my dad talking about his Subaru WRX till my ears bled, it was a connection thing whether it was helping fix up the Toyota MR2 or browsing for hours in car magazines at our dream cars.

As much as he won’t admit it, it was my Audi that inspired him to go Euro, good move Brad, good move. So when’s the lowering kit and set of wheels coming? – Josh

Brad’s also just bought a Datsun 1600, he’s not revealing too much on the plans for this yet, but here’s a sneak peak photo I got out of him.

What do you love most about the automotive scene?

Mitch I love spending quality time with my closest mates and sharing the love we have for our cars. I narrow my involvement in the car scene to good mates and keep a small circle, we all catch up and like to go for our own little coffee catch-ups, cruises and adventures. I love 4×4’s as well, getting together with a group of mates and going on a muddy adventure is always a blast of a time, especially on the Gold Coast where there are so many hidden 4×4 treasures just waiting to be adventured. I think the Gold Coast car scene is growing and getting better too, people are starting to realise that if they are sensible they get more respect from others in the car scene and most importantly, the authorities.

Dylan I like to see new and innovative things that people are willing to try with their vehicles and company’s always pushing the limits with new products, but most of all I love the atmosphere. Those you meet in the car scene whether it’s at a meet, event or just somewhere random, everyone you meet shares the same passion so it’s always a good time just connecting and building new friendships. No matter whether they’re into 4×4’s, motorbikes, fast cars or classics,

we all share the same passion, just different interests.

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