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Wrapping your car has it’s positives, and positives. To put it simply, paint is dead. #paintisdead – Even if you are looking at painting your car, it’s worth your while getting a crash test dummy vinyl wrap in the colour you want in paint, just to make sure it hits the “spot”, don’t like it? peel it off and start again, try doing that with paint! “Nah I don’t really like it, grab the sand paper, try again” Vinyl wraps protect your paint, make your car look new and they also provide protection against small impacts and hazardous road elements.

If you’re looking at getting a wrap done, go see the team at Wrap City Ashmore, the second I met them I was wrapped, puns aside, I would personally recommend Wrap City and would trust them with my own pride and joy, an awesome little local team. That’s a wrap (ha-ha), this is a rap and the images below are some of the options that come with wraps, the wrap with a W – and not the edible kind, unless you’ve got a weird appetite.. Mmm red apple chrome vinyl, it is a pretty delicious colour though.

Gold Coast Vinyl Wraps

Unfortunately, I can’t really help you much more, I don’t know a lot about vinyl wraps, except how to make awesome puns out of the word wraps. Oh, and the fact that wraps look cool – However, if you’re hunting some credible information, talk to the pro’s from Wrap City and tell them about how funny that Josh guy is from AE.


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