No.1 Wheels and Tyres

Fitment. Stance. Presence. The No.1 Wheels & Tyres team approach each project with this goal of achieving the perfect finish. Offset, balance, camber, stance – everything has to be perfect. There’s a reason Automotive Excellence chooses no.1 – because they are number 1.

No.1 Wheels and Tyres

Automotive Excellence Gold Coast

No.1 Wheels and Tyres have a showroom so big and shiny that you can quite literally see your soul in the reflection of their glass showroom floors. The quality of the showroom genuinely reflects the quality of their service and work, their team are motorheads just like us who LOVE everything automotive. Got a 4×4? Awesome, let’s get some phat wheels on it and a lift kit so big you can run over “my family” stickers. Got a JDM? euro? muscle? let’s get your wheels so hella flush and your stance so aggressive that people will pee themselves when they spot you in their rear view mirror. Not to mention, the warm feeling you’ll get when you stare at your aggressively stanced car as you walk towards it, just make sure the warm feeling isn’t one that’s trickling down your leg. #stancepants

The crew at No.1 wheels and tyres are genuinely an awesome bunch who are just as enthusiastic about your ride as you are. If you’re looking for wheels, tyres, general servicing, suspensions (lift kits / lowering) then go see the boys at Helensvale and they’ll get you sorted.

On a personal side note, Eli, one of the boys from the showroom, has helped me make up my mind on purchasing my own wheels over the past couple of years, he’s an awesome bloke, very honest, very genuine and very passionate. This guy is the type of guy who won’t let you leave without taking photos of your newly fitted ride while goo-ing and gah-ing. All of the crew at No.1 share the same passionate service qualities. On top of this, I personally witnessed a customer come in who had a concern about their newly fitted wheels, at the drop of a hat, I watched Jimmy tell this customer to drive their car directly into the workshop so they could immediately resolve the customers situation. This is the type of service they offer, you pay for a job to be done, they do it right and they ensure you receive a perfect finish.

Do yourself a favour, and head down to No.1 Wheels and Tyres, even if you just want to have a chat with the team and discuss new shoes for your ride in the showroom, they love talking everything automotive. These guys provide genuine Automotive Excellence to our Gold Coast motoring community. Take a look at some of the road presence they’ve helped our fellow enthusiasts establish – these are 2 of my personal favourites from their recent work.

You’re always welcome to visit the No.1 Wheels and Tyres showroom and talk with the like-minded enthusiast team today. Don’t forget to tell them the only reason you called or popped by is because of Josh’s fantastic straight-to-the-point write up.


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