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To put it simply, these guys are your go-to for go-fast solutions, particularly flash tuning. I personally got a Stage 2 REVO Tune done by Ben for my Audi A4 B7 2.0T, he was very genuine, straight to the point and a nice guy to deal with. Would highly recommend. The Stage 2 tune has made my car much punchier and more responsive, in laymen’s terms, the car is much more fun to drive now. Flash tuning is one of the most cost-effective “bang for your buck” performance modifications.

The only problem I have with my tune is that I didn’t get it done sooner. Safe to say, trips to the shop have been halved. ECU remapping or “tuning” is performed by having a Redline Tuning technician plug your car into their computers and with their programs they’re able to safely adjust your car’s ECU settings to give you more power and in most cases like my own, more economy. The best explanation I received from someone about ECU tuning / remapping was as follows – Essentially, by electronically adjusting your ECU settings, you’re allowing your car to access extra power, think of it like a sport.. In a sport you have the athlete and the trainer, now, you’ve got your primary school sports teacher that are going to do the job and have you work at let’s say 40% of your full potential BUT, go and get trained by a professional level 1-on-1 coach and you’re going to be potentially accessing double the amount out of your full potential. It’s all about the information and how it’s delivered. An ECU map in it’s own way, performs the same task, communicating with the ECU of your car it allows you to access more of your motor’s potential. Take note, I am not an expert in ECU tuning but that’s a good way to look at it, it’s an advanced, reliable and efficient solution to increase the performance of your pride and joy.

If you are just stepping into the world of performance modifications Redline Tuning are the guys to talk to, or, if you’re an enthusiast who has just built their very own piece of excellence and need a performance tune for the finishing touch…. Hit the button below.


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