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Mr. Zachary “The Car Spa” is an absolute master when it comes to making your pride and joy look like it just rolled out of the showroom. For competitive rates too. When we asked Zach why he does what he does, he had a simple answer, “I just love cars”. The only reason he does what he does is because he loves connecting with other enthusiasts and loves seeing a wide variety of the automotive scene. Zach personally came out to visit myself and correct some serious problems with my paint, prior to his touch, the paintwork on my wagon was very milky and hazey, afterward, like a mirror. Take a look, and don’t forget that he does bikes, boats, trucks and anything else with paint that needs some loving, just ask!

Check out The Car Spa’s Mobile Detailing Unit, RAD!

The Car Spa Detailing

Take a look at the video we put together from the day my wagon was detailed, afterward we went and grabbed a bite to eat as well, awesome guy, awesome at what he does, awesome to talk to. As Zach would say, good times, good times!


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