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Window Tinting Gold Coast

At Supertint the policy is to serve peoples needs, not just sell a product. Using top of the range products which have a reputation to work well, look good and last. Supertint aims to provide nothing short of pure automotive excellence.

A family run and owned business since 1976, with one goal since the beginning, be different to the rest. Be honest, be genuine and be the best. Supertint uses only the best products in the industry and all products are backed by their very own prized possessions which utilise all of the automotive excellence they provide. With over 39 years on the Gold Coast Highway, the team are loved and trusted by locals, a promise was made to all of Supertint’s very first customers and the same promise is still made today – every single customer who walks in the door at Supertint is in good hands and will have their vehicle meticulously cared for by experienced professionals and enthusiasts.

Supertint was founded by my very own Father all the way back in 1976, it has been a family owned and run business since, myself included as part of the team. As my very own family business, I hold it very close to my heart and I stand by the tradition of ensuring 110% excellence is delivered every time without fail, from greeting to service to final delivery. On top of this, Supertint inspired the birth of AE, over my time growing up in this business I have noticed that all of the companies we are connected with provide nothing short of the best and we have developed this chain of connections with the finest in the Gold Coast automotive industry, which we now uncover and share with the rest of our motoring community, along with other excellence providers. Supertint and AE are both run by the very same ideology, we believe that if somebody pays for a product or service for their beloved pride and joy, they deserve to get the best – from initial planning through to final completion, first time, every time, for now and forever.

Supertint - Window Tinting Gold Coast

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Car Window Tinting Gold Coast

Roof Racks Gold Coast

Interior Protection Gold Coast

Rust Protection Gold Coast

Paint Protection Gold Coast

House & Office Window Tinting Gold Coast

Car Security Gold Coast

If you’re interested in Window Tinting, custom fabrication (Appearance / body work and performance / engine work), roof racks, car security, paint protection, rust protection OR… you just want to show us your pride and joy and talk cars – come and see us personally in the workshop at 2158 Gold Coast Highway.


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